Thursday, April 24, 2008


It really scares me to take IQ tests because I admit that I'm not that good, and I'm not really that smart (in my own evaluation).

Not until today have I finally decided to take an IQ test to kill my curiosity about what my IQ really is. It was killing me for long already, and it had to stop. I checked a page of a friend (not a personal one) in friendster and I saw an IQ-test link in her page. I decided to check it out.

While I took the exam (and even before I did), I was really worried about what would be the result. I know that it's a shame for me to be so. It just made me remember how scared I was while I was taking the exam. All the while that I was taking the exam yesterday, the fear that I had a pretty low IQ ate me all up. I think it was true and that I had to accept it and live on (and of course, learn) instead of living in denial.

However, I'm posting the result of the IQ test that I took. It's not the highest, but it's okay. I admit that it might just be a true indication of my mental ability.

IQ Test Score


By the way, there' was something wrong, I think, about the results. Hahaha. It had a simple code for the results which can be snooped at and tampered with. Hehe. Take the test too, anyway, if you like too. ;p

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