Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Enjoy the Day

Whew! A perfect day.

I just got home. Physically tired, but enjoying every drop of weariness.

What makes me say that this day is a perfect one, is because everyday is actually a perfect one, only that we should see it. Normally, we see only the difficulties in a day. We search for things that aren't that heavy. Today, I've seen how great the day is -- through the busy schedule, through the wait, through the work, through everthing.

When I say that this is a perfect day, I'm not saying that everything has gone good to me. No. There were a few bad things here and there, flaws, mistakes that I have committed, yet I still enjoyed the day.

What's better about it is that it's only 3 PM and there's still a lot more to be excited about for the day. Be it good or bad, it shouldn't sink us or make us not think that our day isn't a day worth living.

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