Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Everthing's Fresh. All is New.

May 9, 2008 -- release of entrance exam results. I'm really waiting for this day to come. Haha.

Before, I used to really GET EXCITED to the point that nothing else matters except that day. As a result, I've been a bum in between the days that I start waiting for it, and the date itself.

Today, it has changed. I'm enjoying every bit, every day spent. The things that I wish for aren't the only good thing in store for me anymore. There are infinite good things that I experience and see, unlike before. Haha. Now, this is what I can call "LIFE". :)

Besides, if I dream, what I get is exceedingly more than what I dream of. I get more than what I can ever think of. That's what life is today. Haha. Keep it coming, life! :)

I have just realized that everything seems to be just new -- residence, school, opportunities. If I think back of what I can do, it only wears me down. Today, there are more opportunities, bigger possibilities. The things that I can do before are at a double today. I can really say that I'm blessed with a fresh start in a lot of things -- how lucky and extremely graced am I.

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