Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Today, I am officially starting to LIVE MY DREAM

I am going to share one of my dreams that I've thought of for a while now, and even before. This moment is just a bit different because I'm finally going to write something as I'm pondering more about it. It is inspired by Robert Kiyosaki through his book, "Rich Dad, Poor Dad", a haven and a treasure-box of lessons about life and enlightening thoughts.

It is not so usual that I discuss what I have in mind right now. Some may think that it's too far-fetched, lofty, hard-to-achieve, and other words to describe it, but, I WANT TO SOMEDAY BE ABLE TO EMPLOY LOTS, THOUSANDS, JUST LOTS OF PEOPLE. It is my dream to be able to provide JOBS FOR THE NEEDY someday. It is also my dream to be somebody who contributes to the betterment of my country through the wise use of my skills and knowledge in creating a "LIVING FOR ALL".

I honestly think that my dreams are not really hard to attain. It only gets difficult when we begin to listen to negative comments, pessimistic ones. If we only believe in what we can do and focus our eyes on what we see in our hearts, and believe that WE CAN, we will certainly have our dreams.

Anyway, I know that there's no harm in WISHING or DREAMING, so today, I am officially starting to LIVE MY DREAM. :)

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