Monday, December 1, 2008

My Missing Mornings

Days are as important as its mornings. Without it, they're just half of what they're meant to be. There is a lot to miss. This has always been my situation. If not for school, morning wouldn't be in my dictionary. As I ponder, I realize that I'm missing a lot of my days. There are a lot of things in my mind that I want to do yet I always lack the time to do them. It now makes sense why I always lose a lot on the going-ons. I want my mornings back. I still have, hopefully, more than half a life ahead.

Oh, I awoke late today
It's almost time for lunch
I've missed again sun's early ray
It's too late for a munch

With lots of things I have in mind
I feel empty inside
Deep inside, I have turned blind
The blow of wind I ride

I feel like I missed something out
But couldn't tell at all
I go on with the day's bout
Where I hear an unknown call

But then as I lay down at night
It hurts as I remember
I missed a day's half, alright
Yet then they are all over

Now I lay, inside I wish
For a new start for tomorrow
I'm now asleep yet soul's awake
I'll bid bye to this sorrow

Today, no, since yesterday, I start to vindicate my mornings. I'll have them all back with more intensity. See you soon, my missing mornings, for I shall find you.

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