Monday, December 1, 2008


I'm staying up late again just thinking of stars - wishing, pondering, and dreaming awake. After all, stars are the most usual guests during night time. I'm glad they're there tonight.

Tonight, I can't explain if I'm excited, happy, or good because I don't have any reason to be so, but it's still what I feel. I don't know what's ahead of me yet I feel the excitement. I have lots of stacked-up things to do yet I do not worry. I should really be worrying but I find myself flying with the clouds in the grey sky.

Strength is coming as a new season enters. The season of eerie chill has now ended. The joy it has brought, though founded in gloom, is now just part of yesterday. The brightness of this new day is approaching even at midnight. It brings joy and gladness. It brings peace and silence with wisdom.

I'm in an entirely different place right now and all my comforts have come to a shattering. Though I might not know entirely where I am, I believe, though, that I will not be moved. I will be seen through. I will emerge as a victor. I'll prevail.

I now exhale.

Here I am still awake
Still up late at night
November's days I now forsake
A new season's a-flight

It's cold yet it warms my heart
The gloomy chill has bade
Lights are now out at part
A spark inside is made

I'm looking at the stars again
Wishing free, I'm wondering
Killing time with no gain
I ponder a new beginning

All of a sudden where I stand
I find myself in paradise
In the usual, nothing grand
I'm caught up in surprise

All right now I hear aloud
Is the strumming of guitar
Lull in peace, in a cloud
My hopes, my cares at par

Now I'm back at free verses with rhymes yet with no strict counts of syllables.

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