Saturday, July 24, 2010

Facebook: Soon Forgotten

I'm honestly not liking Facebook anymore. Aside from the fact that the Wall Link poster isn't functioning well on Safari 4, my Web Browser of choice, I'm getting more and more annoyed of all the information in the Wall. There's just too much (I know, it can be customized, but that's not what I want -- what I want is intuitiveness, or something more personalized, sentimental, and something cleaner) things showing up your homepage, that you spend your time waiting long hours just for that sensible 'red number' on the upper left corner of your screen. I'm actually referring to the notifications.

Cleaning up all the LIKED pages will take up a lot of time... a lot of times they work, they actually make you happy for all the shared photos, music, videos, and articles they share. But, just half of the time, they're there when you don't want them to be there; they're there when you want only a few things to nothing to be there for enlightenment.

There will always be a time for everything. There will always be a hype. But, there will also always be a recede that follows every such thing. The things that we enjoy from the new will soon be old and forgotten. Its use will run out soon. This is the same for every new successful matter. It is what we call fading glory. So, maybe it should also be a go-signal for us to learn how to deal with being at the bottom part of the wheel.

In the end, what you'll have is what's just right for you. It is as things get filtered out, and you get just the thing that you need.

Note: to the readers, this is not just about Facebook. This is actually a reflection that resulted from my experience in using Facebook. It's more of a search for answers deeper than just what was presented. Please have an open mind. Thanks!

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