Friday, July 23, 2010

The Killing Machine

The Killing Machine. It kills -- and it kills bad. It does wonders. It exterminates, it creates history. It conquers. It claims lands. It defeats foes and devours them. It does all the things that you will ever want to do -- even those that you yourself ever cannot.

One particular Killing Machine, however, was different. He loved to sleep. He loved to look at the sky and think of far away thoughts. He's got his own space that he would like to keep the same.

This Killing Machine's untapped powers are all there, just waiting for the one who would press the power button. Just the right time was what he needed to go on running and do what he does best -- kill BAD.

Yes, there will be times that he won't do his deeds that he's supposed to. But, he will still be a Killing Machine, one that kills bad.

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