Sunday, July 18, 2010


There will be trade-offs when you choose to put aside your duties and responsibilities. Expect that people may and will get mad at you because you simply are just doing something wrong. But, it is perfectly normal. You'll have to accept and face the fact that you are not doing things right, and that you shouldn't do something wrong to cover up your previous mistakes.

Face the consequences, and most of the time, man is just too merciful and understanding that we don't get what we actually deserve -- punishment. I must stress out that it is very important for us to finally stop adding to the wrongs that we do because we think it is the way out. NO. It will help us save face for only a little while. But, courage, by facing your mistakes and admitting them with humility, you might actually be doing yourself a favor and erase your past record of wrongs.

Alas. Face the trade-offs of your wrong actions so that you can set it right once and for all.

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