Friday, July 9, 2010

Last Day of Voting (Friday, July 9, 2010): Achiever Scholar Program - College Level

Guys, especially to those who wish to support me. Tomorrow yung last day of voting for the Achiever Scholar Program, til 12nn. I do not have any roving cans nor campaign managers, but I believe that your genuine support will be my fuel. Ako lang talaga ang lumalapit personally sa mga kakilala ko, and I ask them to vote by the heart. Still, salamat sa inyo. Text me to meet me if you want to vote, wala na kasing booth. :)

Please keep the votes coming, cos I think I only garner 1/4 of what my 3 greatest (voting) opponents have. I really need your support dahil 20% din ito. They get thousands of pesos a day while I only gather barely a hundred to two hundred. They have big givers (100, 200, 300, 500, 1000 increments/votes), but I don't think it's the quantity. Just as the Lord looks at the heart and not the outward deeds -- like the Rich Man and the Poor Widow giving their offering, yet the Poor widow gave more in essence. That is my only fallback whenever the votes status bring me down.

Still, thanks to those who believe in me and give good amounts. Even a single vote counts and I appreciate it. But big thanks to those with the conviction to give amounts like 50 or 100 and such.

If you wish to ask me my reason why I joined the Achiever Scholar Program, please do so. I try to keep it to myself and some close friends as much as possible because it is a very personal matter to me. Kaya, this program is a very big thing for me.

God bless us and may His pure will be done. :)

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