Thursday, May 1, 2008

Dream Maker

Come to think of it, my future is finished. I worry too much about it -- I over-analyze (though I deny that I do so). Wherever you go, the truth remains that logic blinds our future by blocking our dreams. Dreams bring us higher. It is dreaming that we need to do. Dream on, everyone!

One Wednesday night, I wrote a poem about believing in dreams, being secure and seeing the things that I can and I should do that will bring me a step nearer to dreams that I can't even dream of (haha). That night was quite a struggle, until I found peace when I rested. It just makes me realize how too "analytic", "perceptive", and "logical" I am. That is good, but that needs to change. I need to dream more, believe more, and that way, I can move more. At my present behaviour of doubt, skepticism and logical reasoning, I can't seem to go anywhere. I admit that this, again, is a struggle.

Today, as I write this, I just wish to express how I believe that I'll get through this. I can dream again, I know. I'll see again with eyes that see the whole world. I'll draw again, I'll be me again when I was still a kid -- with unlimited dreams. :)

Times before, my hopes were gone
I thought they can't be ever done
But today, my dreams, I realize
I see them all materialize

The reason there is is you
You made those things come true
Now I will believe forever
That you are my dream maker

Today's a different matter
Yet I still can't feel it's better
But I believe I'm through
It's finished, I'm with you

You opened up my eyes
You silenced all my cries
Through all I understood, I knew
You are my dream come true

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