Saturday, September 6, 2008

1 Reason Why I Should Still Touch My Friendster

There is still one reason why I believe I should still maintain my Friendster account apart from my Multiply. I have realized that just now. Finally, the time is over when I ask and wait for answers to satiate my anxiety.

Friendster and Multiply cannot be compared. Their individual functions seem quite the same but they are different. They suit different people and different (although similar) kinds of needs.

Allow me to share one brief reason why I now had a reason to maintain my Friendster account as lively as I did before and as lively as "lively" means. I have just realized that there are certain friends of mine who are more of a "Friendster" person than a "Multiply" person. Most take sides and quite a handful are able to balance the two sides of their Online Networking life.

I have realized that those specific people who prefer using Friendster more in a way that they are much comfortable with it than Multiply, have specific patterns of behaviour or have a particular personality or unique preference. Multiply users also show particular characteristics and lifestyles that are a bit different than those who prefer to use Friendster more. In all this, we simply cannot take away Friendster from it's devotees nor can we to Multiply followers. But, there might be some change of preference of users in one point of time that I believe takes a kind of process to occur. I am a personal witness.

Although, other than Friendster and Multiply, there are more sites like MySpace, FaceBook, Tagged and a growing more number of similar ones, the two that I've talked about are, for me, quite prominent, and because they're the ones I particularly use. I have tried some of the other networking sites but they never really had me commit because they, for me, lacked substance and just seem like mere shadows of the ones we already know.

Some of my dear Friends show a more deal of passion in using Friendster. They are more expressive when using Friendster and they enjoy the simplicity and upfrontness that Friendster serves them. I figured that it is a great thing to connect with them in Friendster with the same ideal, same approaches. After all, fun is what Friendster should be (all) about anyway. With all these in mind, I've finally decided to pursue somehow an active use of Friendster at the same time, keep my Multiply account for different purposes.

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