Thursday, September 18, 2008

To Starbucks? Or Not To Starbucks?

I wonder.

I'm pretty much not a Starbucks person. Aside from the expensive caffè latte's, another thing that drive's me off like a negative magnetic force from Starbucks is that I think that it's just vanity. Oh, well. I guess I'm not as Lasallite as they come. I don't see myself going there, socializing, and making myself obliviously comfortable yet attention-catching. Maybe I'm just not that type of person cos I'm a low-profiler or an independent. Cafes, to me, are too posh; and I'm not. However, until recently, and several times before, most especially during times of utter need for coffee boosts, I've been seeing myself as having day-dreams of boozing with Starbucks coffee. Ugh!

I just suddenly remember this Nickelodeon cartoon that I've watched before (I don't really remember the title). The cartoon character got addicted to coffee; pretty much caffeine-addicted that she relies on coffee alone for her energy needs throughout the day. She's turned to abusing her body everyday: sleeping late at night and cramming -- all with the help of coffee. Maybe that's where the stigma with coffee came from since I wasn't that much of a coffee person until recently this year when the first term started.

It's not really taboo for me to help myself with a Starbucks goodie or whatever but I just find myself not delving into such seemingly luxury that much. I'm a practical person. However, I think the time has come, and so has the reasons, for me to begin trying Starbucks. Yeah, you read that right. But it doesn't mean that I'm gonna be an addict, a Starbucks-fanatic or a regular customer .It's just that I think that I'm considering trying this personally different practice for the first time. Again, I just don't really see myself as somebody who digs these types of establishments because I personally think that they're too classy for me. But then again, I think that it's just part of conquering the world. It's part of change. The time has come for the simple I am to try the world around me and know more. Maybe it's just that.

One more thing that I think would bring my feet inside Starbucks is, guess what... friends! I really think that it's gonna be very boring to hang out at Starbucks all by yourself especially if you're not comfortable with such places. Friends really make 'Starbucks' and other classy cafe experiences pocket-and-worth-while. Haha. And, ah. The friendship thing again. I think that needs a little workout but it would do. There are a lot of them around anyway. Haha. Gone be the boring me! :)

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