Tuesday, September 23, 2008

How I Missed You

This is how you miss someone: you long to touch, to embrace, and to just stay at that one's presence. There are more other ways.

What's so special in missing someone is the moment that you finally get to be together again with that person. The feeling of joy overwhelms you. There is nothing much more to say than goodness and "how I missed you so much"-es.

I've been away
For quite some time now
But it's different today
As I see your face somehow

The feeling of home
Warms me, rejuvenates my heart
It tickles to the bone
Whispers, "we'll never 'gain be 'part"

I laugh at how silly
It was to think I blamed you
All that I could see
Was that you left without a clue

But then I knew along
As I blinded myself with pride
You sought me hours long
When I from home depart

The comfort of my bed
At last, I once again could touch
The torments in my head
Have fled, as me you patch

The only thing
That I could lastly say
I'll forever sing
How I missed you everyday

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