Friday, September 19, 2008

A Short Comment On "Pro-Choice or Pro-Life"

That's just like asking whether you're for Obama or for McCain. Well, that's too much a point for debate, but it, our choices, also say a lot about who we are.

About Pro-Choice: can we be sure that our choices are the right ones? Are the good ones? I hope so.

About Pro-Life: a one-way choice. Pro-life means that it isn't pro-death or other opposing ways. It's just like saying pro-right, pro-good. It's main aim is for the good which is life. I dunno. Maybe people today just don't mind what's good or not.

If a dirty man thinks he's not dirty, what then is dirty to him and how dirty is it? The same goes with how great the darkness of a man is if he sees his darkness as light. Think of that.

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