Monday, September 22, 2008


I figured that it won't benefit us anything if we spend time lying idle, thinking that whatever weight we have with us will fly away with time. I guess it never will. It would be like you're trying to find your way in a room with your eyes closed yet you have the privilege to open them. I also think that to sleep away the stresses would help more.

First of all, when you kill time doing nothing and trying to fill in the emptiness in you yet you know that you're doing nothing profitable or you do not exactly have a certain direction at that point of time, you only waste it. It's like dipping your feet in a basin full of water yet what really needs to be washed are your hands.

Second, when you wake up early in the morning (or whatever time it may be), you'll feel refreshed and your mind is all energized and new. You'll be able to think more smoothly. Who knows, that might just be all you need to handle what you're in that moment.

Now I know what vanity is.

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