Sunday, December 23, 2007

Full Moon

The moon is nice tonight, it shows a brighter light than before.

I just got home from a Christmas Party. It was again my usual get-to-home trip where you'll get to pass through the dark woods of the village south or behind of hours. It was a dark, silent and creepy, lightly populated, developing ville in our vicinity. But, tonight, something's unusual. The road was unusually really light and the view is quite unfamiliar to my eyes. It was actually pleasant to the eyes, and it has never been before witnessed by my own two windows. It was like I was walking in a city of lightened silence and serenity, like I was covered with safety and security. I stopped a moment to look up beside me, trying to see if there were any street lights present, yet there were none. I looked up more and began to see wonder upon seeing the light-bearer at that time -- it was the moon. That time, it was really round and could be clearly seen. The place, being slightly empty yet filled with trees made it look more beautiful. The clouds beside it added to its even-before outstanding beauty. I rested myself for a while to gaze upon the beauty of that source of light above me. I enjoyed the scene, every second of it, wishing there was much time than I had to look at it, and also wishing that it was as safe as how I felt it was because of the unusually well-lighted surroundings...

I began to walk again and my brother picked me up. We went home. I unwinded and looked at the things that were in my bag and I began to put out the book I received from the exchange-gift we had. It was a Novel from Stephen King. I honestly don't read novels and books such as those, but this time, something's unusual -- I feel the beauty of reading it.

There's something changing -- actually, there's a lot that doesn't even cover this entry... I'm open -- I might taste defeat or victory, but I just want to learn... This is such a nice way to end the night... Wish I had the privilege to capture an image of the moon that time... How I wish I could've...

These are similar images of the sight. Have a wonderful life, everyone...

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