Saturday, December 8, 2007

Beautiful in Your Eyes

I'll believe I'm beautiful
If only you say so
And when that happens
Nothing else matters

The only thing that I
Wanna look beautiful to
Is someone dear to me
Someone like you

You alone complete me
Nothing else matters
I miss you sitting beside me
And the hug that your body hungers

I thought before songs were untrue
But then I found it's real
Only the moment I met you
Now it's funny how it makes me feel

It's like your words alone exist
And your lips is the only language
The only knowledge there is
Now I know, you're love's whole package

I'm at my best today
And the only thing that I need to do is
To look beautiful in your eyes and say
Forever marked within me is your kiss

Writer's notes: What's important in the end is if that someone we love says and sees that we are beautiful. We do not need to be beautiful in the sight of others. The only thing that really matters in the end is that the people around our real lives appreciate us, not what others that we do not even know of or aren't really attached to our lives says so. Let us believe in that and let it be an anchor of our faith in ourselves.

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