Friday, December 7, 2007

Love like Candy

Love is like bubble gum
And cream at the same time
It's like candy but
Doesn't destroy your teeth

It's sweeter than any sweets
And lovelier than any flower
It's jollier than any kids
And loftier than any tower

Love is like mallows
But doesn't melt down
It's a never-ending candy
That would erase your frown

I've found love like candy
It's sweet yet inexpensive
Luxurious yet free
Turning every doubter to believe

It's stronger than wine
But runs down softer inside
It's more important than gold mines
Love is life's never-ending ride

I still taste it in my mouth
The after-taste lasts
I wouldn't trade it for any other candy
Love is like sugar's tasty blast

Writer's notes: Ang mushy no? Hehe... Well, tama nga naman, ganyan ang love. Please do note the 2nd to the last stanza. It says that love is stronger than wine. It is more 'intoxicating' than wine, but it gives you a soft feeling inside in contrast to alcoholic beverages. That's just it, hehehe... Parang candy no? (Just like candy Ü)

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