Friday, December 14, 2007

I Wanna Be Your Man

I wanna be your man
Who's gonna cover you all up
And hug you on a cold night
To protect you from harm

I wanna be your man
Who's not gonna run out of lovin'
And wipe away your tears
When you're sad and alone

There you'll know
You'll see how I see you
That you're precious
And you're a diamond in my eyes

I wanna be your man
Who's gonna stand up and fight
That behind me you'll watch
In the safest state ever

Because you are beautiful
Beyond what is physical
And now you have captured
My whole heart

Right now I am really trapped
Yet I know that I am free
I love you with my heart
Know always, here you have me

Writer's note: this is an ode written to say that, "I am here and I will protect you", oftentimes even saying, "no matter what the cost, I'll be there". That's how our minds work when we're probably in love. We say crazy things. We say the seemingly impossible, yet we see it as a piece-of-cake.

This is just to say how I want to be there for someone whoever that might be at present, past or future. Hehe... Ala lang! :)

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