Monday, December 31, 2007

We Just Don't Know

We just don't know
And so the fruitful sorrow
Seems like it lasts forever
It runs fast like a river

We just don't know
But truth'll keep it slow
Tune readily your ear
Then you'll never see it near

We just don't know
But does it really show?
We should stop our ignorance
Give the world a glance

We just don't know
But do we really grow
Will history repeat
Can't we stand up on our feet?

We just don't know
Now we're fired with arrows
When'll we wake?
Hope today we'll take the break

Writer's notes: We often make excuses that "we did not know" and we thought it would exclude us from responisibilities and accountabilities, but does it really do that?

We also have the responsibility to KNOW...

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