Saturday, December 22, 2007


Oh I love gravity
Cos it made you fall for me
And I love the way it draws you
Back to me endlessly

Oh I love magnetics
Explains how you drew near me
And I love the way it strongly
Binds our two bodies

Oh I love biology
Teaching me what I need to know
How you're different than I
Yet, we share the same big heart

I have all I need to know
Everything's around me
With you being here beside me
It completes my entity

Oh I love chemistry
Cos it makes me this much crazy
Because of the thought that I
Have you here with me

And oh I love candies
Cos it taught me what is sweet
Yet today I found something new (It's you)
Who showed me love that's true...

Writer's notes: I LOVE GRAVITY since before cos it tells me a lot! It's about time that I write something about it, hehehe... It's the science, bro, all over the world, that testifies for love! Woot-hoot! Yeah! Hehehe...

I ended this one with something as simple as candies, something kids are much familiar with... In the end, Love's just like that, it's so simple that it completes and satsifies you and you won't be left empty-handed... Hehehe! :)

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