Saturday, December 22, 2007


It's amazing how David makes a giant fall
It's amazing how you're in my arms after all
It's wonderful how miracles can happen in a day
It's wonderful how you're by my side to stay

I never thought it would be this way
I never thought we'd be one today
You were from the worlds apart, but
You showed me that love doesn't work like that

You showed me how miracles are true
You showed me that the clouds were blue
The day that the tower'ng giant fell
You taught how I can cast such spell

It's real odd that you're for real
It's real odd that you're to me this near
I thought it impossible that this day happen
Now I look stupid, I'm in your heaven

It's toxic how I smile thinking of you
It's toxic how I cry yet am over being blue
Cos you make my day bright
You brought into my life clear light (you're my delight)

In the end of the day, we're together
In the end of the day, things are much better
Fairy tales are such a tool
That made me today such a fool *blush*

Writer's notes: I wish to emphasize throught this work how love is a miracle... We can't dictate how love works, it is beyond the impossible... Love does the unexpected, it is the most powerful thing ever... As simple as that :)

This one says that a little David can make even a giant fall... That's how love is... You'll never know when and how it'll hit you. No matter how impossible you think that the two of you won't ever meet as hearts, there in the end will you be wronged. No matter how small, unimportant and unseen you think you are, in the end, her eyes still will fall for you... That's some way love works! :)

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