Friday, July 18, 2008

Faith Without Deeds is Dead

No matter how I try understanding it, I just can't. Maybe I should take it as it is, but what does it mean? It doesn't make sense. I've read this line over and over again yet there is still nothing concrete, just hints. Yes, there are times that I seem to "get" the idea but in an abstract form. This all changed when I got to a point as right now.

It is a common practice for me to have all those wonderful thoughts inside my head going-on and me planning to put them on record -- blogs, writing them down, and other wond'rous ways. It's a regular that I got lots of 'em [thoughts that are note-worthy] that I get too familiar with it. I tell myself subconsciously that I have them inside me essentially anyway, and no matter what I do, whether I forget it, write it, or whatever, it will remain in me essentially and I can summon them thoughts whenever I want to.

Today, I proved myself wrong. If I count the thoughts I had before that I "planned" to "write of in the future", I realized I never accomplished even one. The only times I was able to really write down my thoughts and preserve them is by writing them by instance that I've come to think of them. I've realized that "reserving" the time that you should've written it all will never bring back anything. We get more and more things to do every gasp of time, and it will and will come to a point that what we have at hand will bury our reserved memories and thoughts.We can never again have the same or exact opportunity we have in each second of our life. Time moves continuously and the moments are fleeting. Change is faster than a nanosecond.

This is the secret to life -- taking and grasping every opportunity, every chance. This is not only the rule of life, but what God says. Oh, how precious and fleeting life is. How much of our time is put to waste? How much glory could we have done?

We say that we have faith, yet we do not practice it. What we are doing only kills the faith that we say and actually have. Faith is at the moment. Faith is at the NOW. Faith is a breath that we need to breath. We do not reserve air in our lungs. Faith is like a firefly that you should enjoy watching at the exact moment for it will not wait for you forever until it flees. Faith is like a dying loved-one whom you should've shown every ounce of love you have before God takes him or her away. Faith is no compromise. That is faith and more that I probably couldn't even reach.

Here, I've learned how important it is to be very vigilant in our life in every aspect. What we are in the spiritual is who we are in the world. As we are expected to be alert in the divine realm, we also should be as alert as in our technical, physical world where the costs and opportunities can be counted, and are as fleeting as well. We should understand and comprehend this world in a way that we see what is to be seen, taken, and owned.

Finally, I can second and declare that "faith without deeds is" definitely "dead".

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