Friday, July 18, 2008

I Saw A Firefly

While I was fixing things for sleep, putting things in order, when I got to my parent's room to return the laptop I used/borrowed, I saw this firefly flying around. Oh, this one of the rare moments of life today. I remember the times when I was still little that fireflies are a usual sight at night. How we catch them and put them in a bottle and expect them to live long, until our conscientious, sensitive, and emotional little hearts set them free lest they die inside the bottle. Hahaha.

While I was looking at the firefly, I paused for a moment, appreciating it. I also wondered how it got inside the room -- the house was all closed ever since my dad had the screens made. Explains how it flies on rounds inside my parent's room.

While I was watching, I thought that it was no accident, no matter how and what brought it in. This must be a message from God about something. This is rare. This sight is special and spectacular and it meant a lot to me. This is a message from above. I needed a message. I needed a sign. This was it.

As I stood there, I was asking the Spirit inside me what it meant. My head, my mind, was asking what it meant to see a trapped [not so trapped, though] firefly meant. It meant a spark to me. It meant hope for me. It meant newness for me. It meant something spectacular and preciously rare is going to happen. Or at least, it meant that we are that special in His eyes right now. He wants to tell me that and I verified. God is telling me that He won't turn His eyes away and that He does miracles. He also so lovingly tells me that I shouldn't be afraid of the darkness.

I was feeling afraid yet He assured me. I was feeling weak, but he secured me. May this message be the same for you. Good night. ;)

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