Friday, July 18, 2008

Internet: Illegitimate Means Of Communication

We have forgotten how it is to write a decent letter. We don't even know the right format. Why? When we message our friends or somebody on multiply or friendster, we do not bother writing our names where it should be written. We don't bother following a particular and orderly format. We just write our thoughts.

Fluid and orderly writing is so elementary, but I wonder, why is most of the population not as literate, efficient and fluent with it? Our parents used to value education in their time. English is a joke. It is a necessity. Today, with all the convenience and advancement in education and knowledge, we should've been better. However, things seem to go the other way around. Kids are less fluent with language, more and more have problems in simple sentence structure, even writing letters. So, the question is, what is the problem?

Technology has changed the way we interact. People may say anything over the net. Interaction has become non-interpersonal. Privacy has become and endengared treasure. People connect through illegitimate means, and all these has been brought about by technology.

I realized this when I was writing somebody a message on Friendster where I felt something's wrong. My message seemed to be incomplete. It tells what I wanna say, but it tells more than what should be said. There's more miscommunication than communication. See? There's the "more" than just the "communication". Too much from the right amount is always wrong.

I hope that we find ways in solving this problem that people don't see, or might see but take it for granted and do not realize how it really affects us in the big picture. Let's all awake from what we have become. Let us all learn.

In seeing this, I hope we do things to redesign what technology we have today. What I'm talking about is the new sustainable designs that has been arising. There has been too many wake-up calls already, and I believe, enough for us to learn. We have just the right amount of knowledge for us to move to another level that can sustain us. Don't mind yet the problems we might encounter in the future that probably takes a century or more.

You see, now? Technology isn't just created for it's own sake.

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