Friday, July 25, 2008

I'm In Ecstacy

Let me put myself into the shoes of a man of beats, a man of grooves, a man of fun, a man of neons. Let me right now experience how it feels like to dance, to funk, to spark, to catch eyes. Let me now try the taste of life, the feel of the senses, the rush of blood, the blink of lights. This is music. This is beat. This is a rush. This is ecstacy.

In this world full of bright lights
Neons colour the sights
Music overcomes the sighs
The dark absconds and so our why's

The beats are changing
Makes my heart go pounding
Moves my body into dancing
Can't stop but go with the rythm

It takes you anywhere
Listen to the words on air
Feel it break the barrier
It'll fill you, I swear

Back where I came from
I'm in ecstacy, in heaven
Beats ever beat boredom
I'll ever live this season

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