Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Lots of Mundane Questions. :-<!-- < -->

Name:: Matthew Daniel Torres Sendon
Nicknames:: Matt, Mackyu, Max, Machu, Daniel, Yu/Hew
Birthplace:: Celis Maternity Clinic, Pacita Complex, San Pedro, Laguna
Current Location:: Muntinlupa City
Hair Color:: Brack.
Eye Color:: Dark Brown.
Height:: 5'6"
Weight:: Dunno. 50+ kgs. What a shame. :))
Tatoos?:: None.
Piercings?:: None too.
Overused Phrases: Uhmm. I don't know. :p "uhm"

Bedtime:: Don't get it.
Best Physical Feature:: Can't say that.
Most Embarrassing Moment:: Don't know.
Most Missed Memory:: Don't know.
First Thought When You Wake Up:: Don't know. Can't say.
Weakness:: Is this a job interview?
Best Friend:: Nobody.
Goal For The Year:: I don't have things such as this.
Greatest Fears:: Nothing. In the end, when your greatest fears eat you anyway, you'll just realize that it's but a shadow of a tree outside your window. I mean, what's next?

--This Or That--
Pepsi or Coke...: This.
McDonalds or Burger King...: That.
Hot Tea or Ice Tea...: This.
Chocolate or Vanilla...: That.
Water or Milk...: That.
Coffee or Hot Chocolate...: This.
Hugs or Kisses...: Or.
Cats or Dogs...: Or.
Summer or Winter...: That. Or.
Scary Movies or Romantic Comedies...: That.
Love or Money...: This. That doesn't matter as much as this. That is not a matter of talk either.
Green Grapes or Purple Grapes...: That.

Preferred Eye Color:: Doesn't matter.
Preferred Hair Color:: Doesn't matter.
Short Hair or Long Hair...: Doesn't matter. Probably looks good in either way.
Preferred Height:: Doesn't matter. Oh, not too tall that I look small. :))
Preferred Weight:: Just enough. :)
Looks or Personality...: Personality. It makes the outside beautiful. You see, if you go for the looks and the personality sucks, that person will look ugly. :p
Hot or Cute...: Cute.
Skinny...Muscular...or Fat...: Just enough. I'll probably take care of that [for her]. :))

Number:: 7th
Food:: Yummy and healthy ones.
Type of Music:: Variety. Blues, Rythms, Anything Lovely.
Candy:: Nothing. :)
Color:: Brown, Red, Yellow. :)
Animal:: Dogs.
Drink:: Remove the soft drinks and add juices. :)
Body Part on the Opposite Sex:: Dunno. :))
Movie:: Denzel Washington's, Russell Crowe's
Past Time:: Net? :p

--Have You Ever--
Drank?: Nah.
Smoked?: Same.
Been Beaten Up?: I guess. :))
Bullied Someone?: I think. :(
Skinny Dipped?: No. :))
Played Spin The Bottle or 7 Minutes In Heaven?: Yeah. But not 7 minutes in heaven. Di uso 'yun sa Pinas. :))
Toilet Papered Someones House?: No.
Played Poker W/ Money?: Nope. :)
Gone Swimming In A White T-Shirt?: Yeah. :))
Been Tickled So Bad That You Cried?: Yeah. :'(
Been Tickled So Bad That You Couldn't Talk?: Yeah. :))
Like Someone And Not Tell Them How You Felt?: Yeah... :o(
Went Camping?: Uh-huh. :]
Used The Restroom On A Tree?: Used the tree as a restroom.~ I agree. But I don't think trees qualify as rooms, though.
Had A Crush On Your Brother/Sister's Friend?: I think, yeah. But, crushes are so grade 5. :|
Had A Crush On Your Friend's Brother/Sister?: I think. Same as above.
Walked In The Rain W/out An Umbrella?: Uh-huh. Just yesterday, I have. :))
Danced In The Rain?: Yeah. Kids.
Told A Joke And Nobody Thought It was Funny?: Yeah. Now, that's funny. :))
Been On Stage?: Yeah. Awards, etc. Graduation. :))
Worn Clothes Your Mom Didn't Approve Of?: Yeah.
Been To A Nude Beach?: No. Doh?
Cursed In Church?: No.
Been Called A Whore/Slut For Kissing Someone?: Nah.
Burnt Yourself?: I guess, yeah.
Been Dumped?: Nope.
Dumped Someone?: Nope.
Been In Love?: Hihihi. Dunno. :))
Been Hit On Someone Too Old?: Dunno. Gross. >:p~
Wanted To Be A Model?: I wish. :))
Wanted To Be In The Olympics?: Nah. :)
Bought Lottery Tickets?: No.
Made Out In A Car?: No.
Cried During A Movie?: Nope.
Wanted Something You Couldn't Have?: Uh-huh.
Made Love On The Beach?: Nah.
Shoplifted?: Yeah. Not anymore. BI. Wow, I was honest. :o
Seen Someone Shoplift?: Yeah. BI. :))
Hung Up On Someone?: Yeah.
Yelled At Your Pet?: Yeah. Sorry. :'(
Gotten Seasick?: Yeah. :))
Tried To Strip When Drunk?: Nah.
Bought A Thong Cuz The Cashier Was Hot?: Nah.
Stalked Someone?: Nah.
Had A Stalker?: Nah.
Played A Prank On Someone And Scared Them?: Yeah... :)) Sorry!
Been Embarrassed By Someone In Your Family?: I think so. :p
Felt Bad About Eating Meat?: Yeah, at times.
Protested?: Dunno.
Been To An Island?: Yes, the Philippines!~ Yeah! :))
Ate Cuz You Had Nothing Better To Do?: Nah.
Screamed In A Library?: No. I just talk loud in the library and Discipline Officers always reprimand me. :))
Made Out W/ A Stranger?: Nah.
Made Out W/ Someone Who Wasn't Single?: Nah.
Wished A Part Of You Was Different?: I guess. :)) My heart. ;)
Talked To A Complete Stranger?: Yeah. Doh? We are all strangers and the only way to break that barrier is communication. Talk wisely, though. ;)
Been Sunburned So Bad You Blistered?: Yeah. Kids.
Kicked A Guy In The Nuts?: Nah.
Threw Up In School?: Nah. On a bus. ;)
Received A Love Letter That Wasn't Signed?: Nah. :)
Wore Something You Hated?: Yeah. :))
Wore Something To Match Someone?: A block's shirt. :))
Been To A Luau?: What is that? :o
Cursed Infront Of Your Parents?: Nah.
Been On TV?: Nah. :p
Been Outta The Country?: Nah.
Been Honked At While Walking Down The Sidewalk?: I guess, yeah. ;)
Won A Pool Game?: Nah. Don't play that.
Went To A Party Where You Were The Only Sober One?: Nah. :)
Went To School/ Work Drunk?: Nah.
Dieted?: Nah.
Had An Eating Disorder?: I think I have one. :)) But nah. I just like to think so. :))
Cheated On Your Other?: Nah.
Been Cheated On?: Nah.
Been Paid To Date Someone?: Nah.
Dated Someone That Was Paid or Dared To Date You?: Nah.
Tanned Topless?: Yeah. Swimming classes. I guess that's considered. :D
Been Strip Searched?: Nah. Searched like I was stripped. Yeah. :))
Been On A Plane?: Nah.
Been On A Cruise?: Yeah. Cruise-ship, yeah. Not cruising cruising. ;)
Been Pantsed In Public?: What is that?! :))
Thrown Your Shoe At Someone?: Nah.
Broke Someone's Heart?: God...
Sung In The Shower?: Yeah. :))
Bought Something Way Too Expensive?: Yeah. :( and :)
Done Something Stupid And Laughed At Yourself?: Yeah. :))
Been Walked In On While You Were Dressing?: Yeah.
Been Walked In On While Showering?: Yeah. Once. Tagal na. Nothing special.
Ran Out Of A Movie Theater Cuz You Got Scared?: Nah.
Been Kicked Out Of A Mall/ Store?: Nah.
Been Kicked Out Of A Go Cart Place Cuz You Wrecked The Go Cart?: Nah.
Been In Detention?: Yeah.
Feel Off A Roof?: What do you mean?
Pretended You Were Scared So You Could Cuddle W/ Someone?: No.
Been In A Wreck?: I guess. A bit.
Wrecked So You Wouldnt Hit An Animal?: Nah. Pilipinas to, di states. I remember my old school service driving over a sleeping dog, same as a tricycle with a friggin' drunk driver. :'(
Made Yourself Puck So You Wouldnt Have To Go To School?: And what exactly does that mean?
Threatened Someone W/ A Water Gun?: Yeah. :))
Been Shot?: Nah.
Had A Water Gun War?: Yeah.
Been Arrested?: Nah.

Regret Something You Did In The Past?: Yeah.
Country You Wanna Visit:: Don't wanna mention. Westies, Easties, Aussies, etc.
Way You Wanna Die:: Don't wanna think of it.
Like Thunderstorms?: Nah.
Get Along W/ Your Parents?: Yeah.
R U A Health Freak?: I wish I was. :)
U Think Ur Attractive?: I guess yeah. We all have inner beauty that attracts people. :)
Do You Believe In Yourself?: Yeah. I'm stupid if I don't.
Wanna Get Married?: Yeah.
Wanna Go To College?: Yeah. :'(
Shower Daily?: Yeah.
Want Kids?: Yeah.
When Do U Wanna Lose Your Virginity?: Dunno. LOL. :))
Do U Hate Anyone?: Don't want to.
Can You Unwrap A Starburst W/ Your Tongue?: Nah.
Do You Think You Can Sing?: Yeah. People think so.
Can You Open You Eyes Underwater?: Yeah. Saltwater is an exemption. :))
Eat Whatever And Not Worry?: No.
Can You Whistle?: One type of whistle, yeah.
Can You Walk In High Heels?: Don't know. I guess not. :))
Do You Sleep W/ The Light On?: Whatever. Preferabbly not.
Do You Like Super Spicy Foods?: No. :'(
Can You Multitask?: Yeah. Always do.
Touch Your Nose W/ Your Tongue?: Nah.
Can You Fit In Your Locker?: Nah.
Do You Spit?: Who doesn't? In times that I need to.
Can You Taste The Difference Between Pepsi And Coke?: Yeah.
If You Could Wish 4 Anything...What Would You Wish?: Love.
What Kind Of Perfume Or Cologne Do You Wear?: None. :))
What Kind Of Soap Do You Use?: Whatever. Dunno the names. :))
What's Your Favorite Scent?: Sweet-smelling. Dunno what it's called.
Would You Choose To Live Forever If You Could?: No. :))

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