Saturday, October 11, 2008

Cute Animals: On Lovely Snakes This Time

Since I have this advanced-season setup, lemme ask dear Santa something for Christmas (although I know that it would probably take more years to be fulfilled). I hope that I see a film showing the "cute side" of snakes in it where they're the star. There are some 3D animated films out there, but they still only as far as characterize snakes as having deceitful and cunning thinking. I wanna see them animated to talk like just another animals are animated -- looking cute. I wanna see them yawn, laugh, open their mouth wide-open while talking just like any other animals are depicted. Imagine those sharp teeth spraying out while they're innocently talking, yet they're not out there to scare people out -- an extremely hilariously entertaining and joyous sight. I hope that such a time may come, even if it be short.

All of us probably see snakes as scary animals (if not for machismo in the house). This is exemplified through all the movies so far ever recorded (or tell me if it isn't so). From the recent film "Snakes on a plane" among others, we could only help but see them as fierce and poisonous animals. Why is it always like that? Do they really need to be feared? Oh, I guess that here enters the biblical text on how the Serpent who used to have hands and legs until they were removed and the serpent was turned into a crawling, creeping being, much like snakes. But, are we so sure of the real and literal translation of those mystical biblical texts to just so easily conclude that snakes equate and symbolize evil and evil alone?

Can we, this time, see snakes as beautiful animals, even just for a while? And, would it hurt to make it last longer? Can we, for a moment, exempt them a little bit from those that were literally written in the biblical texts? We're in the age of grace today anyway, so why not have it applied for such an animal? Besides, they were created by God anyway as it said that "God created creeping beings". Satan is a different, although similar, story. He possessed the serpent who had hands and legs, much like an image of dragons. Well, the point is, it was about deception. But, do snakes have the same deception in them? Why do we so readily judge? Oh, we stereotype so much. *sighs* :(

BTW, since this post is about cute animals, I just wanna say how CUUUUTTTEEEE this dog in the office is! It looked like a wolf, with the soft fur and color. I just love it! Hahaha! I'm gonna visit him (or her, since i still do not know yet, haha) frequently! Argh! Hahaha. I love that lil dogling. Aww. Haha. :)

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