Saturday, October 11, 2008

Why I like Poetry More

In this post, I'll explain why I like poetry entries more (in reading and writing) than essay-journal-ey type of entries and fiction.

It's not that I do not like literary works other than poetry. I enjoy reading and writing down my thoughts too in such a format other than poetry. But, I just find myself skipping down on entries of blogs that I do not own when I see long lines unless I really find them interesting and something that I can relate to -- that is how I judge what relevant as a word is. I want to find personal meaning in what I read and write. I want to enjoy it and be able to connect with it. That is why I oftentimes find myself lost and not able to enjoy the glories of fiction unless if it's discussed in a facilitated talk-like manner. Only then can I see its significance, thus, only then, too, am I able to connect with it.

An exception to those I am not fond of reading entries are those such that I personally and directly can relate to, or at least, paint out on my mind happening. Other people's opinions, if they do not connect nor relate to my world, are more difficult to read and be appreciated because I am compelled to comprehend an entirely different world. I find it very insignificant. I do not have that much patience in me right now.

Long essay-like and opinionated posts are often passed-through by my eyes as I really feel detest or abounding distaste for spending time absorbing them. I do not really enjoy debates and formulating ones. But, if an issue involves me in it and my thoughts, if it provokes my mind and stimulates me to react and air out my noble side, if I fail to evade it, that is the only time that I will respond to those kind of entries. Those are the exempted reads that I go on through. Like I said, I find it time-wasting to hunt for debate-hot reads. Debates only spark when they reach me, not me reaching them. I do not form them. They are only formed when they touch me.

Now, the reason why I like poetry more than long-written thoughts (essays and journal accounts of other people) is because their vividness and briefness captivates me. In a choice number of words is a whole new set of words that multiply itself into infinity. Poetry expands itself every millisecond -- or, in fact, immeasurable all the time it is written, appreciated, and touched. It's like the universe in characteristic -- no one can fathom its space.

Aside from that, I just really appreciate its simplicity in every way. The way it is written with lines in different simple but unique systems of order makes me feel like the knots on my head loosen up unlike long personally-written non-poetry entries. They don't give you a hard time putting yourself in it while you read them. They tell and bare it all right away like they easily connect and attach to your skin and your head-bulbs. But, the ease of riding them doesn't mean that they lack substance nor depth. Their immortal essence are only that powerful that they cling to your eyes, ears, and heart right away with that full, ripe content and meaning.

Aside from these reasons, I believe that there are more. To different people, different special thoughts and characteristics can be painted out, making it just more special to read and behold. Its different tastes are all equally wonderful, beautiful, and are worthy to be appreciated.

Up to now, I still haven't found my fondness for fictional literary works. However, I've promised myself recently to open up myself to such pieces of art. Someday, I hope, I'll be there. Time will tell the story. I will listen by then.

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