Thursday, October 9, 2008

In The Eyes of a Gunman

Do we understand the mind of murderers? Aside from the insatiable and the dark lust for creeping blood, is there something more? With the addiction for control, what's the real cause?

It's a matter of having the sense of control for life's partiality. Think of these words: we are all likely to die; it's just a matter of who holds the gun. There is equality, then. But, it is obtained through unpleasing means. Injustice is turned to justice in the eyes of a gunman. And, when that happens, that man's justice becomes injustice in the eyes of the law. In the end, life's unfairness becomes like a trap that nobody seems to be able to escape from...

Well, I guess that it just seems that way. If we could only see outside the box. If we could only have seen bigger, wider, broader, there could've been more solutions and means than just ending life.

Here's an entry about being in the eyes of a gunman:

You thought you're in control
Well, look at you now
Now, I hold your soul
And in your knees you bow

Who do you think are you
With all this vain luxury?
Today, I shall take you
Down to the grave with me

We are all equal
And all likely to die
Life ain't impartial
Heights fall, the low fly

And here for us today
Is a day of reckoning
Now the role I play
Of the gunman like a starling

This nice little trigger
Has been created for you and me
It's just that I'm luckier
So say goodbye, honey

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