Sunday, August 2, 2009

I'm More of A Reader Than A Writer for Now

I've found some content that I find appealing and interesting. I think I'll be a reader now than a writer. I like what I'm seeing. I'm not putting an end to writing, though. I'm only waiting for a rebirth. I want to be like a sponge and absorb everything I can, grow in it, and burst in full bloom when all these happen.

My current reading interests are:

- Travels
- Classic stories and art designs
- Nature

It's good that I'm into reading now. I'm not much of a reader before. During my childhood days, I was into art, drawing, cartoons, anime, and computer games. On my teenage years, I was solely into music, less drawings, more of writing comic books and fancy news items, jokes, but never reading. Then come college, I moved on to writing my own reflections, poetry, and other content. Now, having left being a teenager and into the 20's, I guess I've finally come to a point of appreciating the work of others. I've become more humble, humble enough to give credit to others than myself.

I've learned this one thing today when I've read the work of others: you can never flourish by yourself. It is diversity and harmony that gives way to newness, innovation, and new birth.

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