Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Sometimes, You Just Have to Try to Let Go

I'm supposed to be talking about something else like how I'm irritated with Mac's Yahoo! Messenger's lack of a Group Messaging feature, or if it's just my ignorance. Or, I'm supposed to pen into poetry a wonderful thought that sparked in my head. But instead of doing those things that I "should have" done, I ended up writing my two previous blogs. What's happening?

But, maybe sometimes you just have to try to really let things go, even if they seem really good to do. Those feel-gooders can be the reason for you to be stressed. It can also not be good on you.

This moment makes me remember the times when I was writing for my personal blogs, that usually my dad asks me what I'm doing on the computer. It's because I usually write during late hours. I also remember how I couldn't answer directly that "I'm writing to my blogs" because of the feeling of it being a 'personal' matter to not talk about or detail on it. Now I feel like I understand why he asks me like that. He's just helping me from being too compulsive and too attached at something.

Should I have insisted on continuing to write down the thought that I had into poetry, I'd have been more compulsive. Or, if I kept on going with being pissed off at Mac's Yahoo! Messenger not having the Group Message feature, I'll be keeping on looking for the solution on the net if there really is such a feature and stay up all night, or be frustrated for proving myself right that it actually doesn't have that feat.

I should learn how to control my urges and my desires. Not all things that seem wonderful to me should be done right away, and in some instances, not done at all. Right now, I can only wish that I can be able to stick up to the words that I am saying. Because I feel that I still haven't done so.

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