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My own list of Epic PC Games!

Ever since I was young, I was a PC game adorer. I've pretty much grown up in front of the computer -- from watching other computer users (older bros), to hands-on in school, paying to play at computer stations (including consoles), and to owning my own game console. I've grown to have quite some good computer skills by really hanging out a lot by (or beside the presence of) the computer.

It's gonna be all about games from hereon, I tell you. So, start bracing yourself!

Games I don't like much

I've also had my share of favourite computer games, and those that I've detested. But, I think it'd be better to list down first those that I didn't like much.

I wasn't into racing games. Most of my older bros (and even my youngest bro) are fond of racing games. I'm not. I just wasn't into them because they're repetitive: only road, checkpoints, chasing after time, and winning (or losing).

Then, I wasn't into basketball or other sports games. I barely know about basketball. My only memory of playing basketball during my childhood days was when I was still 9 years old, in 3rd grade elementary for PE classes. After a few nights practicing shooting balls at the local court, failing, and getting frustrated, I decided that basketball wasn't for me. I've always been like that whenever I feel like I'm not doing good on something -- I quit right away. I tell myself that it just might not be for me, and I don't have any resources to do good on it anyway.

I also wasn't into Diablo games that, back then, was REALLY popular. My older bros pretty much liked it, and I almost always used to watch them (in horror, I was young). One great reason why I didn't like playing it is because, being a little kid, it was a really scary game. You get to fight animated skeletons, devilish fiends, goblins, all in dark tombs, mausoleums, crypts. It was all just so scary -- to have living hell just at your backyard?! Plus, the scariest thing about it was the SOUND EFFECTS that make it all really scary. I can still recall the sensation of fear I used to have back then, classic, and still making me shiver. Hehe.

Games I liked before, but not so much (or at all) anymore

I think my list of games that I didn't like ends here. Let me mention now those games that I used to like before, but do not anymore today.

At 5th grade or so, I got really addicted to strategy games, particularly Red Alert, Dune 2000, and the likes. I liked Age of Empire too, and it's really epic. But I think I shouldn't talk about it as early as now. I'll save it for later. Going back, I think I spent thousands of bucks which I took from my allowances just to get to play Red Alert non-stop on computer shops (or cafes). Back then, we had time-limits to computers (and computer games). We usually only had 30 minutes. It was some funny but great way of discipline. I miss it actually. Now, however, whenever I hear of Red Alert, I think I'm gonna puke because I'm so full of it. The reason is I think I've finished every bit of expansion of it (Yuri's revenge, etc.). I got so addicted that I got way past my limits, that in the end, there was no excitement left to hang on to.

Games that I liked a great deal, still do, but probably won't get a chance to play anymore

Well, most of the games that I really liked playing, and probably won't get to play anymore, are Playstation (PS) games and those from other game consoles like Dreamcast, Game Cube, XBOX, and other later versions of the consoles.

One of my top favourites from Playstation is Tenchu. I love everything Tenchu, but I liked best Tenchu II for the storyline. It's just so sad that I wasn't able to finish it before. I probably won't ever anymore. I only used to play it at a neighbor's or friend's house -- at Osmond's. Haha. We almost always used to argue, if not for pleasing him by returning some other favour. Haha.

I've grown to love A LOT OF DREAMCAST GAMES. The reason is because it is the only game console I got to own. It was supposed to be a Playstation. I actually was disappointed but later I loved it. Getting one paid off.

One of the best Dreamcast game I've loved (and still actually love and adore) is Shenmue. I finished the first game, but wasn't able to finish the second. Too bad, I really wanted to know what happened to the main character during the 2nd part. I was cut when he was about to arrive at Kowloon City in China. The CD I had was broken and it really left me hanging and broken.

Another beloved Dreamcast game is Phantasy Star (Online). I wasn't able to finish it myself because by that time the Dreamcast got broken. I've also known that there were later releases of the game in Game Cube that had much better graphics. And I'm just in awe. I actually saw the commercial in some Computer Gaming show on TV. But I never had a Game Cube.

I also loved Power Stone, probably the best Dreamcast multiplayer game, the ROCKIN' SPAWN multiplayer game! Quake III Arena, Toy Soldiers, and Outtrigger! Those probably are the best mutliplayer games, but here comes the best of them all: Dead or Alive 2! Hahaha! It had beautiful graphics (and bouncy girls), cool storylines, and awesome moves! I just can play it all over again! Oh, I liked Soul Calibur too, but the controls were a bit complicated. It's still nice cos of the graphics and character details!

My own list of Epic PC Games

I guess this is the moment of truth, the climax, the finale, and the most awaited part: the epic ones! Well, I've nominated them as the best, the classic, and the most epic games I've known and played. They are the following:

Heroes of Might and Magic II

The first time I've played (and actually discovered) Heroes II was from a Demo CD included in a PC Gaming Magazine that my older bros bought. My first try was really confusing. I didn't understand the gameplay back then as I was still too young. I always lost to the computer (cos it was really difficult, really). Then, after a few months or a year, I tried it again, and me and my bros liked it. That was maybe before 2000s, or the early 2000s. Then, just within a few years ago, I tried looking for the game again, this time the full version. Even though it was sooo classic and cartoony, it was GREAT. Real CLASSIC and EPIC. I finished it til the end. I then went on playing the sequels, up to the 5th! I even bought an original complete with expansions DVD of the 5th installment of the game just this year (3rd term of 2008-2009)!

Age of Empires

I'll always love Age of Empire. It is the King of strategy games for me. I'll always love the different history lessons I've learned from it (hahaha), the funny sounds and noises, and the different tribes. It's just really fun to play.

Serf City

Before, (before the 2000s) I've played a game called Serf City. It was great. We all loved it. You build a castle, a platoon of armed forces, and flourish. Well it was a classic game too. And real epic! It's one of the best strategy games too, not even in 3D! Today, I've played the latest version of the game which is Settlers. It's in great 3D now, and Ubisoft did great on the graphics. Only those who were able to play the initial versions of the game will appreciate the new ones!

Lords of Magic

This game was released at about 1999. I'm just not so sure about it. Back then I didn't understand how it's played although it was cool with all the races, elements, and characters to be recruited. It was another strategy, myth, magical game. Within a few years ago, I looked for the game and played it. I really love it. It stays classic and epic.

Last but not the least, since I'm getting tired of writing (it's past midnight already), I'm revealing my latest addition to my own list of epic PC games!


This games was released on early 2000s. I just liked it. I'm still gonna download the game... and will play it soon! Hahaha!

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