Sunday, August 2, 2009

Suicide Decisions

I'm not an economist, but I'll talk somewhat economics right now. What I have in mind as for the moment is how some "big" decisions can greatly affect an entity. How it can fulfill all the original planned benefits, or how it can bring about unseen destruction.

For one, Crocs, a great brand in the world of flip-flops, offers an "indestructible" pair of slippers. Once you buy a pair, you'll probably never need any replacement, unless you lose them maybe. They have a good history and story of a booming success. Today, however, they're stuck in a very messy situation that calls itself "doom".

Because Crocs gained worldwide popularity due to its success in the U.S., they decided to expand their operations, creating lots of factories in Asia, particularly in China as I remember. More factories led to an increase in production. This plan sounded really fine for their growth. They started just this mid-2000, and there's still more to come and add to their beginnings.

Last year 2008, however, saw a very unexpected turn in the history of the world. A great downfall met the economy of America. The economic crisis did not affect just one nation, but it affected the globe. The scars of this meltdown can still be seen up to this year. This is also the reason why Crocs is, as economic experts say, already over though still existing.

There are decisions that even the greatest labels make only to lead them to the pit. A small turn can lead to a great tumble. It makes me wonder if it's luck that dictates the fortunes of companies in particular.

There are some companies that do not offer the greatest quality of product, yet they succeed. Some offer the best, but commit suicide with their decisions. Though I'd like to think that this is not the destiny of all that do good, I just can't help but notice how it happens. Quality should always be mixed with meeting the needs and the eye of the people. A good product is nonsense if it doesn't sell. Or does it?

For now, I can only wish that things (some particular ones) were as they were before. I can't enjoy my account anymore because of the new design. It got complicated. I can only join the bandwagon of people complaining about the new design, although I liked it before. It's because I can only notice how my usage has dropped ever since the new design and functions.

Just a thought to ponder on.

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