Wednesday, October 31, 2007


They spring with beauty in full view
Like words indescribable, they are splayed
They give their all in what they do
It warms my heart as I see [them] sashay

This beautiful scenery cannot be compared
In any event, I've seen no such array
A momentous oblivion to be able to comprehend
Such beauty, such wonder in its special display

On a stage I watch as they expose
I see them move, they're doing ballet
Even though I can't move much like those
I cannot stop but with them, too, sway

Let us appreciate true work of art
Let's not forget to praise such a deed
Every element present, might, soul and heart
An art incomparable, great art indeed

Writer's notes: At last, I've discovered appreciation for this beautiful art called dancing. I've overcome a bar of disliking the art of dancing. It started to bloom when I had a very nice talk with Andrei while having meryenda/lunch in Chowking. We had a great talk talaga. Hehe. I shared my insights and also let him just talk lang about dancing and a few other stuff. I just let him express his reasons or internal outlook on dancing, and I just let it sink inside me de eply. And yeah, it seeped down through my veins. :) It worked well -- a success!

He showed me the dance video of Pointes N Flexes Dance Company, De La Salle University - DasmariƱas' institutional dancers. They performed for the Anlene dance event -- truly, a great honour. :) It was an awesome parade talaga. Galing, my eyes really bounced in admiration and real awe. Ayun, galing nila hehehehe. Now I really wanna learn to dance! Hehehe... :)

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