Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Evolution or Adaptation?

Some scientists claim that evolution is true but these inferences still remain as questions, still unresolved and unanswered. I, for one, have questions of my own.

It is still a question why there are still existing monkeys today if claims say that we came from monkeys or apes. Wouldn't they have evolved? Aren't all species today survivors? And to survive, they must evolve right?

Speaking of survival, why are there extinct species today? And the dinosaurs, why are they dead? Wasn't there creation after calamities in the past? And talking about extinct species again, why didn't they just evolve into other beings instead of being extinct. Now, only bones and dust is what's left of them.

Is Evolution really the right explanation? Or is it Adaptation? If we look on the real picture and the world today, there's this thing called 'race'.

We can relate the attributes of having a 'race' in the animal world, too. There are variety of kinds of animals that belong to a similar group. And if we dig on it more, we can see that their differences are connected to whatever places they came from. For example, dogs: go to siberia and you'll find siberian huskeys. Go to china and you'll find a different one. The only thing today is 'importing', that's why we have the luxury of seeing various breeds locally. People before invented/discovered trading.

Speaking of trading, people also used to 'trade' not just material things and/or animals. They started 'trading' people too. This is also called as a thing named 'migration'.

Adaptation is one of the basics of genetics, probably. I remember an example in the Bible during the time of Lot and Abraham. There was this seperation of lands and properties and one party wanted to take a portion of the good 'unspotted' sheeps. It is actually amazing how intelligent people were before. It just shows that science existed time before and it not only exists. It co-exists with Biblical truths and reality. One party (I think it was Lot) gathered the sheeps and mated them in front of a 'striped piece of wood or object' and they bore 'striped' offsprings. To cut the story short, it just shows simple genetics. Let us combine that genetics to one aspect -- our locations.

There are different climates, atmospheres and environments in different places. Thus, the need for different bodies, containers, etc. The need to adapt. I am not a scientist nor a biologist so excuse my limited terms and ways of expressions in this kind of stuff. Africa is a generally hot place, and people there have dark skin -- lots of melanin to protect them from the sun. Americas, Europe, Other northern Asia, etcetera are cold places. People there have white skin, lesser melanin -- adaptible to the cooler weather. And I could state all other countries too. This is, I think, a result of adaptation. Lots of years, maybe thousands, or more. I cannot give figures. But, this formed differences in characteristics of humans -- but they all still remain as humans apparently.

I remember the story of the Tower of Babel from the Bible. It was a historical event where different languages started. It is a symbolic sign of the beginning of different races too. Babel might be a whole era, not just a short succession of years.

There are a lot other factors too that have solid basis. Adaptation is a very apparent thing, much ingored by scientists and researchers. Evolution is more like a myth, fiction, from nowhere created by modern man. To think of it, ancient people might be more intelligent that today's men. We might have technology, but they might have Atlantis and a whole lot more. Ancients are great. They are a mystery.

I dunno how to end this blog ahahaha :p I'll just end it here! I still have something to finish waahh ahahaha xoxox

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