Tuesday, October 23, 2007


I've heard rumors
I've heard whipsers
But I won't be moved
I'll stand in place

People have daunted me
Telling harsh words
Will I choose to believe it
And sway from my goal?

We're all in this struggle
I know I'm not alone
Let's all stand together
That no-one might fall

It's been until today
That you've all been there
All your hands at grasp
Still holding each other's

Though some are first
And some are behind
Nobody's left
Nobody's gone

I see clearly
We've cared for everybody
Just proves something
That each one's strong

I'll always remember
All our hands together
That no one let go
Till today it's there

Let's not be confounded
By life's ill whispers
Believe in ourselves
Press on to our goal

We are here for each other
We are never alone
Our hearts are joined together
We're many yet one

When you hear life's whisper
And hear her stop you
Just you remember
We're all here for you

Ignore her whispers
Stay on place
Just recall your goal and
Keep on running the race

~Original Composition.
Copyright note: anyone from BUTIL can repost this as long as there's a relation to BUTIL. For other purposes, please contact me at matcieou7th@gmail.com

God bless!!! More power! Energy!!! ;p

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