Wednesday, October 24, 2007


It's been a sunny day, though
It's been rainin all around
Nothing seems wrong
Everything's alright

And without notice you released
Blades of venom to entrap
When one moment you arrived
My whole being now collide

You see I am crippled
By the words that you've aired
I am devastated, but
I know you wouldn't care

Will I choose to surrender
And give in to the lies?
Or choose not to be so tender
But stand up, yes, arise

I've healed my hands, and I
Chose not to be mesmerized
Who are you anyway to
Dictate what I am about

But I don't blame you
'Bout anything you've done
This is my fight, and
I'd be strong and just as hard

Time to move on and
Heal my crippled limbs
If I ever lose my feet
I still have my arms to move

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