Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Under Your Feet

As long as I don't stop dwelling under your feet
As long as I remain just down there on my knees
As long as I don't believe in my own ability
But only see the strength of others, I will fail

I wouldn't discover the beauty of this life
I wouldn't know the gifts that I have [that are mine]
I wouldn't be able to go on any further
Nor be able to finish the race that I'm

We were made to discover who we are, not just others
It's high time for us to believe also in ourselves
Why don't we start to trust in what we can do
Soon we will realize that this world's full of life

If we draw in strength from the inside of our hearts
We'll be able to help not just others, also us
Just see the gifts and talents there may be
And don't ever lose grip, believe what you see

You are here for a reason, you have something to return
Do not ever betray yourself or ever be ashamed
If ever you forget your purpose in this race
Remember always that you also own a name

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