Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Eating with Others and Appetite

I enjoy eating with the people I treasure. Maybe it's what gives me the appetite, (and also lose it other times). The sound feeling of 'eating time' with special people around you definitely boosts ourselves.

At times, I really have a hard time eating when there's people around. I don't know. Maybe because my mind is on them and not on the food I'm eating. I really struggle to finish my plate.

I hope that as I say this, I empty msyelf of this feeling, this experience. Maybe I just need to release this. After this, I promise that I am going to see things way different than I view them today. Maybe it's what causes me to lose appetite. I'll just ignore too much detail and let things the way they are -- and of course, do the things that I should.

Have a happy eating time! (Good thing this dinner time, I ate tons ahaha Ü) Bon appétit! :p

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