Tuesday, October 30, 2007

An Afterglow

I am on an afterglow
Oh yes, you see I am
I am on a struggle to
Keep this fire, this burn

Encompassing feelings
Are they just like those?
Or are they so much more
Than [just] lessons that we learn?

The test is on the afterglow
If you'd keep the flame ablaze
The real battle begins
When we reach the end

C'mon now let us fight
With torches as our light
Keeping our insides ever bright
Let it radiate all on sight

Let us keep this inferno burning
Rising evermore
Until we spark on everything
And light up all the world

~this is actually an afterglow reflection of the recently held BUTIL Lasalyano. Keep the energy! Don't be fooled by our sight! Believe in ourselves and do not fail to trust in what we can do and what we were equipped with. ENERGY! God bless! :)

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