Monday, June 23, 2008

The Dancer

Ahh, dancing. It's an artistic ability that I don't seem to have yet dancers say that it's something that we can learn. Whenever I see dancers do it on the dancefloor, I see a flame in their eyes and their movements. It's a very passionate art. If passion is absent, the dance appears to be very dull and lifeless. Overall, I see dancing as a very nice and enjoyable art. :)

Here's a simple poem about dancing and a simple life of a dancer.

He shines, he grooves, the dancer
He doesn't need a partner
Admit or not they falter
But he commits them never

The girls always run after
The flashy, mighty dancer
Temptation will bewilder
But he tries to resist her

A simple life, a dancer
It's just the art he's after
His talents he will master
To give hearts joy and laughter

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