Monday, June 16, 2008

Food for the Day that Passed By

Di ako kumain the whole day ng maayos/matino pero, surprisingly, di ako gutom right now (11:22 PM on the PC clock). Haha. Maybe my body is used to it na. Hay. Pano na ang pangarap kong tumaba at lumaki?

Haha. Ayun. Pero, I think naman that the first step unto reaching your goal is to identify the situation you are in right now and relate it to the aimed situation. Ayun. Maybe after that, take corrective measures na. :)

1 slc. Pizza (morning before I got outta the house) + 2 Donuts (around 2:45-3 PM) + Chicken Wing (7:45 PM, partial) + onting Rice (7:45 PM, literal) + 1 slc. Pizza again (7:50 PM) = the meals for the day.

What a fine diet. :p

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