Friday, June 13, 2008

I Need to Stand Up

...for myself this time. It's been a pretty low, humbly, simple life that I fail to stand up when the need arise. I always supress my feelings and it makes me irritable and confused most times. I wanna be myself, wanna have more friends. I wanna be an open door and have lesser mistakes because my mind would be working in a much normal state than it is today. I want to be OPENED UP, unleash every potential, and every good thing in me.

Of course, I wanna understand myself more. That includes embracing and accepting the joys the same with the mistakes therein.

Along with this, I just want to feed and satiate my hunger for fullness. Do not forget the prayers and the word.

Disclaimer: whenever you see me acting too harsh as compared to who I am as you know me, do not be in the state of shock. Simply said, expect it as early as now. It's not that I'll be harsh and difficult. I'll just be who I'm supposed to be. There are no assurances of these things happening, though, under my power. It's up to Him that I be formed into somebody that I wanna be ultimately. ;)

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