Monday, June 23, 2008

The Sportsman

I had been thinking of the french open and the results recently. How are they anyway? How are my favourites? Fernando Gonzales from the Men's Division and Kim Clijsters from the Women's?

With this, I was thinking of the situation of players not making it to the top 1. There's only one space available for the seeds anyway. What happens, then, to the other players? Do they fail? Do they really lose?

Seeds might think that the whole world is crashing down if we put it in an extreme situation. This is what happens to regular victors who only see luxury. Again, what happens if they don't make the 1st? Do they really crash down? The answer is simple -- it's a NO.

It's just a simple thinking away of how far they've gone. We should always see how much we've achieved so far. There is always progress in the things we do, of course, if we learn and do it the right way. The regular pessimism and the "I didn't make the spot that I desperately shot for" is what tears us apart -- not the spin of the wheel for our co-conquestors. We win with a purpose. We should play with a purpose.

There is only one trophy and we all have eyes for it. When a friend sharing the same dream gets his turn to partake of the victory, we musn't treat it against us. Personally winning is one thing. Somebody who's worthy to win is another.

There's no loss and there are lots of gains. There's always sweat, but there also is an upgrade. We play and aim for victory. But, play more to enjoy. ;)

So, here's a thought that came out of my mind while thinking of such a situation:

"Whenever I play and compete, I just see to it that I enjoy. Whether I win or lose, claim victory or eat dust this is what I aim for..."

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