Friday, June 13, 2008

No More

No more ill, vain, fillery thoughts.

I've been visiting my (this) site dozens of times already only to see if there's something interesting that involves me in it. How egocentric. How self-centered! I get excited and happy whenever there's a personal message, only to find out it's a group message about something. I rejoice extremely when somebody replies to my post only to see a short appreciation (expecting it to be something as long as my replies).

I've been dull, lifeless, expecting fruits of energy and vigor. How can that be?

Now I've realized that I need to move and breath. I have the power for He has given me. Yep. This life I live is not just for my enjoyment like that of the scene of a movie theater -- you sit and enjoy the movie and wish you were in it. We have to live it and enjoy it cos we experience every touch, every breath, every glory and victory in it. We should be part of the real joy of life. We should enjoy it together with knowing that we are not our own god. We enjoy it because He has empowered us endlessly.

That's what I wanna say right now.

How emo of me. Haha. *listening to blues and love songs that are part of the inspiration of these things I write* :))

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