Thursday, June 26, 2008

Lil' Ol' IBM

Well, well, well. I certainly missed you, oh my lil' ol' IBM. Yes, I do. Yes, you are. :)

You little one. You light-weight, all-around, lovable thing. :)

You old one. You've been with me for years and you still stand strong. You have lasted longer than those who have just come. I so love you. Haha. :)

Your sound is better than those of the new ones. It's power can be heard from between rooms in the house. :)

Your sturdiness is unmatchable. You are still here all these years. You have been the first, and it seems that you will make it to the last. :)

Soon, even now, you'll be a legend for the rest and me. You have shown a great legacy, and I'll be keeping you near me. :)

I'm glad that you're okay and that you only needed a little rest to get back to full functionality. I definitely missed you! :D

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