Monday, June 30, 2008

I Was Tagged! :O

TAGGED BY April Airoso. :)

Rule #1: There are no rules when it comes to freedom of speech. The frankierr, the better.

Rule #2: Each blogger must repost this entire entry with the names of the people he/she is tagging, attached at the end of this pop quiz.

Rule #3: The blogger must visit the page of each person who he/she has tagged and must give a link directing the person to his/her pop quiz.

Part 1: Complete the sentence

1. My favorite subjects are environmental biology/chemistry, english research, REED. Haha. :p kung pwede lang isama LOGIC.

2. If I were a teacher, I'd teach anything, I guess. Haha. Nah. Maybe I'd teach a lot of subjects, but the major ones are the ff: mathematics, computer subjects, etc. The reason is whenever I believe that I have a good ground of understanding with a particular subject, I can teach it pretty well no matter what it may be. The only thing that would hinder me from teaching a particular subject is if I am not proficient with it or do not know anything about it. That goes with T.H.E. subjects, drafting, etc. Hahaha. :))

3. The subject that I don't get is chemistry. Actually, don't get YET. I barely learned anything when I was still in high school. Good thing, I'm catching up pretty good this term. ;)

4. Of all my accomplishments, I am proudest of nothing. I deserve no credit from all accomplishment that may involve me. I just thank God for them all.

5. 5 years from now, I would like to receive I hope that I'll have been thinking soundly and have learned by then. I also hope that I regain the things in me that I have lost by that. Nothing is impossible with God. ;)

6. If I could live another life, I want to be I'd spend the whole of it in God's courts. Nyaha. Actually, I could live it all over again with "you". Haha. Cheesy weirdness. Imagination. Haha. :p

7. I was once mistaken for somebody else. Nakatalikud kasi ako nun. Haha. Walang kwenta. Pero, I once was mistaken for I don't know. I think there came a time that I got accused of something that I didn't do. Di na lang ako react that much cos, why should I even? :)

8. The best thing(s) I ever got for free were my family, everything I own, yeah, and His grace. :p

9. My favorite shows are mostly Pinoy shows kasi si Manang ay laging naka-antabay at sumusubaybay. Other shows like Lost, Heroes, Prison Break are my likes. I do like animes too, cool ones, but rarely do I ever lay my eyes on them. I think they're not that much of a priority when it comes to my TV diet. :)

10. One night I want to last forever is when I feel all overwhelmed by all God's goodness. Haha. But, alas, that won't happen. I should learn how to make it happen not just by staying there. Unlock the mystery. Decipher the secrets. Bring down and pour heaven on earth. We shouldn't stop until we reach that state. We simply cannot just wish for it to happen and we do not move or progress. We are in a journey and we have the grace and ability to finish it. ;)

Part 2: Complete the equation

Matthew + 'future wife' = happiness. :)

Matthew + carba = carbo? mas happy. yehey. haha. :p

Matthew + sweets = rather give it to somebody else. haha. :)

Matthew + WONDERFUL = superhero? haha. :p

Matthew + high school friends = uhh, a hi and hello and then silence. haha. iba na world ngayon. we are growing older. if we all do, maybe we'd strike up a good conversation and enjoy it both. ;)

Part 3: Enumeration

Places you'd like to go on for vacation:

1. Cebu

2. Vegas

3. Paris, France

4. Washington, DC

5. Australia para may Hillsong concert at Planetshakers, haha. :p

6. Japan, Korea, other asian countries. (dinagdag ko, haha.)

Gifts you'd like to receive:

1. M2 card for my phone. Haha.

2. Sax + Clarinet + Flute

3. Lots of new clothes

4. Budget for braces (finally!)

5. Car. Haha. :p

Food you would wanna eat forever:

1. Veggies! Yeah!

2. Pizza! Any flavour! I eat anything! Haha! Food dapat at edible! Pero wag exotic! :p

3. Tuna sandwhich or anything with wonderful Mayo! Haha!

4. Honey! :D

5. Manna! Haha! :p

6. Prunes and fruits!

7. Fish (any variant, preferrably fried). :D

8. Rice!

9. Ice cream! :D

10. Gravey! Haha!

Things you'll do when you aced all your grades:

Thank God and cry! Haha! So my dream! Grace! I'll celebrate! I'd be overjoyed by then. ;)

The people who you are tagging:

1. Awil

2. Jamie

3. Jolly

4. Johan

5. Joseph

6. Michael

7. Angie

8. Justin

9. Diane

10. Andrei

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