Thursday, November 1, 2007

Son of November (A Tribute)

He's the son of November
He's a wonderful gift
You might think that it's awful
[to be] Born on months like this

But You should see else
See what he possess
The beauty of November
Epitome of [its] goodness

November may be dark
Silent and mysterious
Yes he is, but
He's also way wond'rous

He devoted his time
And shared what he had
And what more wonderful gift
Could ever match that?

On this day of his remembrance
We're thankful he's here
A gift of God to everyone
Let us give him a cheer

We will wish you a candle
On this special day
May we see more hearty laughters
Happy Birthday! :p

Writer's Notes: This is for Kuya Pao, gumawa ako ng completely new poem and I really just expressed appreciation. God bless him always and speaking of blessings, EXCEEDING blessings in the high places! San ka pa? Hehehe :)

Muli, yappy Birthday, este, Happy Birthday!!! (There's the word 'happy' oki-doki?) ahehe :D

Comment naman kayo jan oh, mga makakaview! Hehehe

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